Hello readers! Thanks for stopping on my home site. I am Michael Mason, an interior designer and architect by profession. I have been working in the industry for over a decade now and my knack for writing has propelled me to take up the pen again to write this blog. In this blog you can have a close look at my house, the house of a professional interior designer which is sure to help you plan your own house in the best way and also to get unique ideas for adding more to your living space. Apart from providing a close look of my own home, in this blog I will also be presenting my experience and ideas about interior designing and how it can actually affect your life and lifestyle.
In order to make life good and to complete the interior of my home I also use a bunch of unique devices or tools in my space. I have also included a detailed account of these items in this site along with their performance details so that you can pick some or all of them according to your requirements and likings. The primary objective of my site is to inform the readers about how to make their home more beautiful and more comfortable for them as well as for every other member of their family. If you want to give your home the right look and your life the right fashionable touch, staying tuned to my site is certainly a great idea.