Why do cats use the litter box right after you clean it

Have you guys ever leave your kitten’s little box without cleaning it in years which make them looks like an old dump. And suddenly one day, you want to clean it. After that, your cat which doesn’t really like its old box become addicted to its new WC room. Curiously, right? I’ve also asked the same question when this happens to me. I even thought that there something between them. Want to know the answer? Follow me. 


IWhyt’s very simple. Cat is a natural predator. Of course, most domestic cats aren’t today. But the instincts that were heritage from their ancestors still affecting them. When staying inside a clean and fresh environment, cats always try their best to cover the area with their smell. This is a way to declare territory to others. So if you happen to see your cat spending more time than usual in its box, it’s not because of it like it (well, maybe just a little bit). 

Now this question is done, I did come up with a more important one. It’s how can we keep the litter box clean and shiny to avoid or at least reduce the cleaning stuff that we have to do? 

How to keep the litter box clean? 

First, you need to make sure that your box is cleaned in the first place. So make sure you do clean your litter box properly in order to keep it clean in a long time. And remember to use the right litter for your cat. This could reduce the dirt inside your box and chances that your kitten making stains on the box.Keep litter box clean

Also, keep in mind to use a certain amount of litter. Don’t put too much of them on your box. Your kitten could kick the litter out when digging. But don’t put too little litter either, this will make your cat doing some extra digging and the litter could fall out in the process. A layer of litter that’s half thick as the cat size is perfect. But if the box is too small, the litter could still be scattered everywhere easily. And the small litter box also makes your cat feel uncomfortable. So if your box is looking like this, you might wanna change it. Here are some great choices for you, the products have been sectioned and categorized so you could choose them easy. The reviews are detailed and I think the team has put a lot of effort on doing this. Just click on this best of automatic cat litter box button and you’ll be redirected to the site. I’m sure you won’t regret it. 

Back to the topic, my last advice for you is to put the litter box in a clean and dry place. Don’t place the box near your family living space. It’s best to leave it out in the garden if you have one and making some small holes on the doors for your cat to get through every time it feels like doing it. Clean the wastes in the box frequently, don’t let the annoying smell stick into the box. You could use deodorize litter to help you do this. The ammonia that formed up from your kitten urine won’t easily go away so remember to clean them.  

That’s it for today, see you in my future posts. Cheers. 


Guidelines for buying RO water filtering system

When it comes to making drinkable water, there are two main ways to do so. One of them is by using traditional method and the other one is to use reverse osmosis water. In this article, we will delve a bit deeper into the latter. We will explain to you what it is, how it work and the advantage of having one at home.

What is it?

This is a water purification method invented by the Navy Force in order to get drinkable water for the troop. If done correctly, this method could provide enough water for the entire troop. Nowadays, more and more family household are using it.



This machine filters your water by pushing water, using pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane with a lot of tiny pores on it. This will keep big and unwanted particles in check and let everything else pass through. A modern machine will come with carbon and mechanical filtration.

In a conventional household, water will be lead through a carbon filter which will remove the chlorine and by-products present in the water. Then the water passes through an osmosis membrane. Here any impurities are hold back and only water can infiltrate. Next, the filtered liquid is then stored in a small tank which is available for usage whenever you need.

To top it all, when you open the faucet, the water is pushed to yet another carbon filter, which is to ensure that you can drink water directly from the tap.

Now, we’ll get to how you can buy a device like this. Here is what you need to keep in mind.

1/ Water quantity

The more water the device can filter at one time, the more money it is going to cost you and the bigger the thing will be as well. If you need lots of water, get something suitable to do the job. Getting a smaller one to work overload for a long time will cause it to go out of order much faster. Plus, you have to pay more money in total for a new one.

2/ Membranes

Water qualityThat means how many filter membranes do you want in your machine. The more membranes there are, the purer the water will be. If money is not a problem, go for the one with multiple membranes. If you have a strong immune system, one membrane will do the job just fine.

3/ Low and high production

These machines have a built-in cleaning mechanism every time it is in action. Hence, if it takes long to make your water drinkable, the machine is cleaning itself and it is good. It will be clean after each time and you can have it for much longer.

4/ Water cost

Because the device cleans itself in the process of filtering water, a high amount of water is going to be used for this purpose, more or less in some machines. To decrease the cost of your monthly water bill, you can either lessen the amount of water through the machine or you can buy a machine with minimal or even zero waste. If it were up to me, I would go with the zero waste one. Seeing that I would be using it for a long time, it is not that expensive.


That was it from me on this topic. If you want to delve deeper into this field, please take a look at our website, using the link right here. There you can find some of the credible reverse osmosis system reviews. We wish you luck with your purchase.