Relax at home after work

relax-at-homeAfter a long day at work, we all feel tired and just want to go home to finally get some time of indulgence. However, not many people know how to relax correctly, what they often do usually brings more stress to themselves and cause harm to their body physically and mentally, e.g drinking until hangover with friends. Today, I will some you some beneficial and interesting ways to relax at home.


First of all, since we all feel tired after a long day of hard working, the first thing you should do when you arrive home is to take a shower or a bath in order to get rid all of the dirt and worries accumulate during the day. This is an instant refreshment for anyone. If you are too lazy to do it, try changing your habit at least for a week and you will see the benefits it has on you.


cooking. For some people, the kitchen is where they can cook away all of their stress and worries as if they go away with every movement they make in their paradise. After a long day of working non-stop, you will need something to compensate for the energy you have used up throughout the day. Nevertheless, eating out is not for everyone as they are sometimes very expensive and somewhat unhygienic, at least that’s how it is in my situation. You want something to replenish your energy level, not to make it worse. Therefore, cook it yourselves or learn how to do it if you don’t already know. Who knows? It may become one of your addictive hobbies.


listening to music and maybe dancing. Nothing beats the feeling of listening and dancing to your favorite song, or the correct terminology, your jam. The adrenaline it brings is guaranteed to make all your stress and worries disappear as it puts you in a state of flow where there are just you and your jam and nothing else. Put all your jam into a playlist and whenever you come home from work feeling stressed, turn up the volume and let it all out.

Or you could watch your favorite series or movies. When you are down in the dump and don’t feel like doing anything at all but not tired enough to go to bed, then watching your favorite series is probably your best bet. You can do this either by renting on Netflix and watch on TV or, like me, or you can watch them on 123movies website on your computer. Either way, you will get to watch the film you want and get rid of the stress. It worked for me, try it and see how it turns out for you.

Lastly, if you are really stressed out from work and too tired to even think straight, then some “me time” might be what you really need at that point. If you see somebody at that point, chances are you are going to unleash everything on them since you can’t think clearly anymore, giving yourself a bad image and making them feel like they are the ones who cause you all this stress.

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How to buy a down comforter

best-down-comforterDown comforter is becoming a product that many people want to have. Because it offer comfort and warmth in the cold winter days. Down comforter is warm and really hard to wear out. But it come with a quite expensive price and restricted preservation. Many people questions are “which one should I buy?” and “how much cost is it?” Today we will give you all the information about buying a comforter. And now, it is time to find the most recommended down comforter.

How many types of down is it?

There are so many types of down in the market but we can separate them into 2 section. The natural down and synthetic down.

Natural down

natural-downNatural down usually made from goose down or duck down. They are 100% natural material and offer great warmth and comfort. Goose down often come from higher end product while duck down is often use in lower end product. They has great quality but may require hand cleaning and air dry.

Synthetic down

They are man-made down from synthetic material. They have all the features of natural down and come with a cheaper price. If you are looking for a less expensive product but still come with great quality then this is perfect for you. There also are allergy-free downs for people with allergy. These product usually are machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about the cleaning.

How much will it cost?

how-muchIt depend on what kind of down you want. Natural down like goose down not only bring comfort and warmth but also give your bed room a luxurious and elegant look. But of course their price is more expensive than those synthetic one. It should cost you about 100$ for a regular goose down comforter and 200$ or more for high quality natural goose down.

The synthetic down has a much better price. They has all great features like natural down but come with a less expensive price. This make a perfect choice for those who are looking for good quality comforters but don’t want to spend too much money on it. There are a lot of synthetic down comforter on the market. They usually price from 50$ to 100$, there are also Chinese down comforter that just cost about 20$. But just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean that you should buy it, be careful when choosing your comforter.

So which one should you buy?

If you aim to have a long lasting, great quality product and your budget is high then we recommend you to choose the natural down comforter. These are really hard to wear out and can last about 30 to 40 years. They also bring a brighter, luxurious look for your bedroom.

And if yours main priority is the warmth and the price then your choice definitely are synthetic down comforter. They are easier to preserve and still offer great feature like those natural down comforter.

Thank you for reading and hope you have found your perfect comforter.